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Bruno Chaussignand

Bruno Chaussignand frames are made in France by hand from natural, unlacquered materials, which ensures against the potential risk of allergy. This designer has a propensity to showcase the materials, playing with volumes and reinventing structures to achieve a perfect balance. He works with great precision on the design of his frames and every millimeter is considered to ensure they fit the face perfectly. Admirers of Bruno frames appreciate the comfort afforded by such attention to detail. Those who wear Bruno Chaussignand are confident, edgy and distinguished. 

Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage is based in Hollywood, CA. and they specialize in the micro-production of premier quality, limited-edition eyewear for a clientele of discerning tastes. Jacques Marie Mage frames embrace a unique palette of precious materials, rich colors, and striking geometric forms, all of which cleverly reference and beautifully reconfigure the artistic movements and world events of previous centuries. For every Jacques Marie Mage frame purchased, a donation will be made to the wolves at Yellow Stone Park Federation. No other frame will have you looking more wildly fierce than a Jacques Marie Mage limited edition frame.

Masahiro Maruyama

Since 2011, Masahiro Maruyama has worked hand in hand with some of the most skilled craftsmen located in the Fukui region of Japan. Utilizing the spontaneity of the human condition and highlighting the subtle beauty of imperfections, Masahiro makes frames that are as unique and characteristic as each and every one of us. Each Masahiro Maruyama frame is meant to be studied like a piece of art- the more you study each individual frame, the more details expose themselves to the wearer. EyeJoy is honored to be the only Austin optical to offer these beautiful and portable work of art.


MYKITA is a Berlin based eyewear company that combines precision craftsmanship with new technologies to create ultra light weight yet incredibly durable frames. If you want one of the thinnest and purest look in eyewear, look no further than MYKITA. An innovative MYKITA feature is their patented hingeless design with no screws or welded joints. It's no surprise that MYKITA has won a variety of design awards for outstanding achievement in innovative product and design trends since the company was founded in 2003. 

Barton Perreira

Eyewear veterans Bill Barton and Patty Perreira joined forces in 2007 to start their eponymous label, Barton Perreira. Patty, the original designer of Oliver Peoples before it was sold to Luxottica, continues to challenge the industry by unveiling the “next new thing.” Known for skillful designs and a sense of elegance, the Los Angeles-based brand uses the highest quality materials to create handmade, high-style glasses and sunglasses beloved by the fashion elite. The Barton Perreira collection has quickly become a classic in terms of well-fitting styles, sophisticated color combinations, and above all else, high quality manufacturing. 

Native Sons

Native Sons is headed by Tommy O'Gara, former president/director of DITA Asia, and Shinsuke Takizawa, creator of NEIGHBORHOOD. The brand is named for the native sons who returned from the World War and kick started the "Industrial Design Revolution" with both avant-garde and utilitarian designs. Each eyewear is made in house with the highest standard of excellence at the factory owned by Tommy. Only the best materials are utilized with the revival of old world manufacturing methods incorporated by Native Sons. All acetate frames are cellulose based and feature a signature star-nut hinge configuration while the metal frames are created with high-grade titanium. All frames feature antique plating and hand finished details.


Rapp Eyewear is composed of limited collections featuring bespoke hand-finished eyeglasses. The eccentric shapes and strikingly bold colors of handmade acetate contrast with the brushed titanium temples for a distinctly unique aesthetic. Rapp is only available in a select number of hand-picked optical shops throughout the world. EyeJoy is honored to be one of those shops and the only one in Austin. We love Rapp for their audacious colors and openness to customize one-of-a-kind pieces. EyeJoy's initial order took almost 1 year to make, and it was well worth the wait.

Blake Kuwahara

Blake Kuwahara eyewear takes familiar eye shapes and encapsulates them in a nontraditional surrounding shell. By using laborious production techniques and meticulous hands on fabrication, an inner silhouette is encased in an unexpectedly fresh outer shape. This seamless fusion of a "frame within a frame" and the juxtaposition of contrasting form and color create a design tension that is thoroughly modern and unexpected yet comfortably familiar. Blake Kuwahara frames are for those who straddle both the artistic and business worlds and seek artful yet wearable designs.

Shamballa Eyewear

Shamballa Eyewear is the latest collection by the legendary Larry Sands. Sands brought to the fashion world widely known eyewear collections including Kieselstien Cord and Chrome Hearts. The Shamballa collection is inspired by the ancient tradition of yoga and meditation. Shamballa Jewels is known worldwide for its unique designs and use of luxury materials. The Star of Shamballa is a declaration of premium quality and craftsmanship. The eyewear and jewelry collections aspire to encourage the possibility of connection to our inner compassion and wisdom. We love Shamballa Eyewear because it brings glamour back to the luxury optical world.


Born on the coast of California in 2006, SALT stands for sea, air, land and their timeless connection. The brand draws its inspiration from nature’s effortless beauty, appearing simple on the surface yet consisting of a complex process perfected over time. Like the inspiration itself and its unique moment in time, each piece of SALT eyewear has its own fingerprint, finished by the hands of third generation Japanese artisans. SALT frames are for those who appreciates simple things made well. 


At the core of Bevel is the belief that eyewear should enhance a person's appearance. Bevel frames are refined to flatter face shapes and are designed to fit properly and maintain their form. Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson, the founders of Bevel, are committed to making eyewear as essential to personal style and self-esteem as apparel or cosmetics. After all, while wearing prescription lenses corrects a vision need, it also brings attention to a primary asset: the face. Bevel colors are carefully crafted to complement skin tones. Those seeking smaller frames will certainly appreciate the vast selection from Bevel.

Yellows Plus

Yellows Plus is the brainchild of Toshiaki Yagagishi, a designer who hails out of Japan. These frames are produced in the Fukui region of Japan and continuously strive to capture the contemporaneity that fluxes through each generation of wearers. Yellows Plus frames are for those who are looking to capture tried and true styles made in the contemporary fashions that live up to today's standards. If you're also looking for incredibly light and comfortable frames, we have no doubt you'll love Yellows Plus.


Moscot started with humble beginnings back in the early 1900's by Hyman Moscot, who peddled his ready-made frames out of a pushcart on Orchard St in Manhattan. A century later Moscot is still one of the most recognizable and iconic frame lines known in America. Made for those who want to stick with the classics.

Lunetterie Generale

Lunetterie Generale is a newcomer in the industry- starting in 2014 the two founders decided that they wanted to make the first luxury frame line to come out of Canada. These frames go through a rigorous 48 stage process in one of the most respected eyewear factories where master craftsmen have honed their skills over decades. These frames stand out from the rest with their subtle changes in classic acetate patterns as well as their unique use of shape. You'll only find Lunetterie Generale in Austin at EyeJoy.


Far from the standard eyewear mold you often see in the optical world, MATTTEW frames are quirky and unforgettable. MATTTEW eyewear aims to make you feel special when you wear their frames. Each frame will not only flatter and complement your face, it will help you express who you are. Forget about fitting in - stand out! When trying on MATTTEW, we encourage you to take the time to see yourself and take pleasure in this process of wonderful self discovery. Come try on MATTTEW frames only available in Austin at EyeJoy.


DITA frames are edgy yet elegant with an East meets West design influences. DITA’s ability to enhance and transform a wearer’s persona has earned the brand a cult-like following among the world’s most influential celebrities and stylists. Creating a single DITA frame can take as many as 320 separate productions steps over 8 months. DITA frames are manufactured in some of the world’s oldest and most respected Japanese eyewear factories. Like samurai swordsmiths from a bygone era, master craftsmen with as many as 50 years dedicated to perfecting their crafts employ a costly and laborious combination of traditional and modern production techniques to transform the world’s finest materials into luxurious eyewear with a genuine DITA soul. 

Thom Browne

Thom Browne has been honored the CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award (2016, 2013, 2006) and the GQ Designer of the Year (2008).  He began his business with five suits and with a small by-appointment-only shop in 2001 and introduced his ready-to-wear collection in 2003. Browne’s innovations in tailoring have been identified with impacting the paradigm of men's and women’s fashion. The Thom Browne eyewear collection, manufactured in Japan by Dita, is uncompromising in their design and quality.  Signature Thom Browne details can be seen on every frame in the temple tips, as well as the custom hardware and hinges utilized in every frame. Thom Browne eyewear is not found in any other Austin optical.

Allied Metal Works

Allied Metal Works is a technical luxury eyewear collection brought to you by the veterans of eyewear Barton Perreira. The combination of the steel and titanium feels incredibly comfortable and light on the face, almost like you’re not wearing glasses at all. You'll never have a loose screw because each Allied Metal Works is a screwless eye frame. If you want to see these modern technical luxury frames with a hint of vintage colors and flare, you'll have to come see them at EyeJoy who is the only Austin optical to carry this beautiful collection.


Kaenon (pronounced: KAY-nun) was founded by two brothers who were unsatisfied with the sunglasses available on the market. Determined to create something better, they developed the proprietary polarized SR-91® lens — the world’s first non-compromising polarized lens. Wrapped in unique, California-designed frame styles built for comfort and performance, Kaenon sunglasses raised the standard in performance eyewear.  Kaenon has always had a huge following among professional athlete but the rest of the world became familiar with this brand in 2012 when Skiing champ Bode Miller accidentally sent a line drive traveling at 160 mph into his wife's eye while golfing. Fortunately for Morgan Miller, she was wearing a pair of Kaenon sunglasses that helped cushion the powerful blow. According to both Bode and Morgan, if it had not been for those sunglasses, she would have been blinded in that eye. We get asked why we don't carry Oakleys or Maui Jim. We carry Kaenon instead because their SR-91 lenses are the only "impact-resistant" sports performance sunglasses on the market.